who has run a larger Stock location Intercooler?


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I am looking to upgrade my intercooler, I know the dutt neck is good for a little less pressure loss but what about a stretched? A non TTA specific stretch, do they hang too low? can they be made to fit pretty good? I have a line on a Mease stretch form a grand national and it would def help me out a ton performance wise but I am concerned about the fit?
I had a mease stretch intercooler and it was the best for stock location you can get. Yes I drove around with it in the city. Get it if you can.


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Damn Jarred that's quite a list of cars you have had!

the Mease that I had access to was 6" longer than our factory unit, all 6" were on the bottom, too low on our cars for any non track driving. It was too bad as I read a lot of good things about his ICs while researching....

I went with a DuttNeck and I am in the process of sanding and painting it now,
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