Wheel center caps from Firebird Central

Nick Wise

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I just placed an order from Firebird Central and one of the things I ordered was new Center caps. I know these were getting hard to find, so when I saw them I ordered them right away. I talked to Clay from Firebird Central and asked if the would be willing to do a group purchase on them if anyone was interested. I did not get them yet, but after I do, I can let everyone know what I think of them. They are willing to do 10% off for about 30 days. That should be enough time if anyone is interested. Unfortunately, since I already placed my order I dont get the discount but maybe it can help out someone else. it will save you about $8 which in this economy, every little bit helps. if anyone is interested you can PM me for the code, after I get the caps and can post up a review I will post up the code for the 10%.


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Thanks for the heads up. If you have price info please share, been thinking about picking up a spare set. Then I could use two in the drag radial rear set.

Nick Wise

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Just got them on Friday. Looks like GM restoration part. I think that is what the sticker on the back says. They look identical. Only difference I see is the lettering might be a very tiny bit thinner. Hard to tell, and I wouldn't complain over that. I think the price is $76.99 before the 10% off, but check their website to be sure. I can try to get some pictures up of them, hopefully I will have some time, tonight or tomorrow. The code is 1989TTA for the 10% off.


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I'll have to check them out.
I ordered a set of black and gold off someone on ebay, and when they showed up, they were black caps with silver writing.
The guy never replied back to me.

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