What's going on 2020?


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Wow, now that's a bad ass selection. Combine the two and your looking at more than a minimum of 1200 ponies. Very impressive !
Can't wait to get out in the summer and get some miles on the red eye, I don't have much seat time in that car, only about 1200 miles on it. The vette has 3000 miles and I just got new tires on it as the Cup 2 tires don't last very long. Too bad it is only the beginning of Feb...


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Jarred your avatar appears to have aftermarket wheels on your TTA. Post up a pic! You also have me interested in what other hot rods your hiding?
Yeah those wheels are American racing and I don’t think they suit the car as well as the factory wheels. I have the rear ones on the car now for racing slicks.

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