What to look to verify authenticity of an 89 TTA Hard Top?

How can you tell that the hard top is authentic? I'm going tomorrow to look at one and need some info how to make sure it is the real thing. I will assume for now that there is no window sticker but I could be wrong. Also what is the current value of these cars? This is a cloth seat car and mileage is in the 30k range. Condition is Top.


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Hello, you might receive a faster response on the turbo trans am page on Facebook as it is more active and time is of essence.

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I counted 25 identified hard top's in the list you provided. I think they made 39 total hard tops? if I am correct why are the other 14 not identified as hard top's? just curious and with my luck the car I am going to look at might be one of the 14. lol
From what I recall the total number of hardtops produced was 25.

You can also check the vin number of the 3.8 turbo engine to verify that it matches the VIN number of the car.
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