What fluids need changing on stored TTA

Hi everyone, I have a 482 mile TTA in storage and I have not changed any fluids on the car. I am looking for suggestions on what needs to be done to preserve and protect the car. I have discovered the VR1 oil and am planning on replacing that, I was wondering what brake fluid (dot 3, dot 4 or one that says both), antifreeze (not sure if theres a particular type we need with these cars) and tranny/differential if needed (as well as any other fluid I am forgetting). Thanks for any help.


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Brake fluid and antifreeze for sure.

The brake fluid absorbs moisture, then corrodes the metal parts of the brake system.

The antifreeze loses potency over time, and the protection against freezing and corrosion are greatly decreased. With dis-similar metals in the system, a low electrical current builds in the coolant, and that can accelerate the corrosion in the system.

Differential and trans fluid...if the car is not being driven, I wouldn't mess with them. Unlike brake fluid and antifreeze, you cannot change them without removing a pan or cover. As this is a super low mile, original car, I'd take the untouched covers and fasteners over new fluid.

If the car is coming out of storage/preservation amd going to be driven, fresh fluids would not hurt, but are probably not really necessary.
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