**TTA Reunion Picture and Video Thread**


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I noticed if you click or double click on the group photo, it brings up the site where you can order photos of the reunion. There seem to be about 299 or so photos, you can view and buy in different sizes.
I know it. Seen a bunch I liked. Nice pic of Jim and Jason...

Jan Larsson

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I bet Jan can come the closest to naming everyone :) I'm in there..I can only name about 10 by first names :D
I can get close to all names, I think lol, better do it sooner rather than later ... just got a year older last week :coffee:

Would need to buy the photo and put the names on it ... maybe Jim can help out :whistle:


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Yes, that sure was a great time. I found a few pictures in my archives. It was nice meeting all of you fellow enthusiasts! The last picture is of Simo and I standing next to my car.
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