TTA Reunion Car show winners


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Congratulations to all for showing/displaying their cars for the TTA reunion! There was many beautiful TTA's there and it was very hard to judge the cars. The judges had to look to nuts and bolts out of place to really pick them apart. While it was more or less a display and not a show per say, we tossed in some awards and had the cars judged to show appreciation for those who do show on a regular basis The top 20 was very close. Here are the top in their classes!

Best of show Stock
- Phillip Madden - TTA #1451
First Place Stock - Mark Temple - TTA #700
Second Place Stock - Tom Katona - TTA #137
Third Place Stock - Robert Downey - TTA #486

Best of Show Modified - Dan McGhee - Unknown number
First Place Modified - Matt French - TTA #1422
Second Place Modified - Jared Stephens - TTA #1105
Third Place Modified - Bill Kupecki - TTA #978

Congratulations once again to the winners in the show/display! Out of the 47 TTA's that showed these were the top of the pack!

Some other awards were...

Furthest Trailered - Jarred Soon hauled his TTA #365 2,470 miles!
Furthest Driven - Michael Sobotka drove his TTA #1314 1,740 miles!


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Congrats guys. Can we post up the winners car photo?
I took a pic of every car but don't know who's is who and I know Jan has the under hood shots.


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these cars were tough to judge too. We took out time on every car and inspected every inch of each car., Even under each car. We were as fair and honest with each car as we could..


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Yeah - that car was badass. I don't think I ever saw a turbo that big on a car. And it was well put together.


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Here is Phil's car that was Best of Show - Stock. The bottom of this car is as clean as the top!

And here was mine that got 3rd place in Stock and The Rarest TTA Award.

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