TTA parts needed

I am looking for some parts to rebuild my TTA again!

Here is my list:

TTA specific parts:
1. Bracket that goes behind the alternator
2. Dipstick tube and dipstick
3. Heater metal tubes that sit on top of the engine
4. Transmission throttle (kick down) cable
5. A/C hoses
6. Stud/bracket that holds the A/C lines attached to radiator fan
7. Cross-over pipe

Turbo Buick parts:
1. Oil pan
2. Bracket for the crank sensor
3. Turbo housing exhaust side (threads are stripped out)

If anyone has these parts, or knows where I can get them please let me know. I would really like to put this car back together!


Jan Larsson

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For the oil pan and turbo exhaust side housing post over on and I’m sure you will find some nice used parts
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