Tta Coolant Overflow / Alky Tank Covers By Ptp


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Ok guys, heads up!

Doing another group purchase...see my reply at the bottome of this thread for info...

As some of you may know I have been in contact with PTP Turbo Blankets to manufacture new TTA Coolant Tanks covers. I have received the 1st unit for test fit and it was a success. The covers should start to be available in a few weeks. They will be available in both Silver (similar to OEM look but way better) and Lava at a slightly higher cost. There will be a limited production number of each to start with at least double the quantity of the silver vs LAVA as expected. If you have been on the fence please comment now so I can update the list and show PTP a more accurate quantity to help them on the initial production numbers. We want to avoid coming up short and people missing out nut also don't want to overshoot the numbers too much either.

As we get a little closer I will be add anofficial purchase PTP link!

Coolant/Alky Tank Cover
Silver $85
Lava $100

Tank Cover & Turbo Cover "Bundle":
Also those looking to purchase a matching turbo blanket as well PTP will offer an additional 10% discount for the bundle when the two are purchased together. While I haven't verified or checked it may be possible to install a turbo blanket under the factory or aftermarket OEM style heat shield for extra heat protection and increased turbo function. My hood insulator suffered a substantial amount of melting with a larger turbo and 24-26 psi boost with a aluminum heat shield in place.

FedEx flat rate ~$7 (Continental USA)
Overseas rates will vary.

Attached are some pics of the NEW LAVA cover...note there is an extra eyelet on the bottom right that has been addressed and removed. Other then that the fit and finish is excellent. Also pics of OEM cover, and the old reproduction cover as well for silver cover pics yet to come.

Please look over the list below that is also posted in the Facebook TTA Group and verify you are on it and if not enter your choice either here of Facebook (color: Lava or Silver, Bundle: yes if desired Qty: xxx

1. Scott Denny (lava)
2. Vito Scilla
3. Vito Scilla
4. Al Breunich (lava)
5. Al Breunich (silver)
6. Rob Hinson (lava)
7. Johnny Mcinturff
8. Emilio Di Cesare (silver)
9. Dale Hayes (lava)
10. Dale Hayes (lava)
11. Mike Arrigo (lava)
12. Aaron Mitchell (lava bundle)
13. Aaron Mitchell (lava bundle)
14. John Simonson (silver)
15. John Simonson (silver)
16. Tony Huls (silver)
17. Tony Huls (silver)
18. Bob Harris (lava bundle)
19. Matt Hunstock (silver bundle)
20. Paul Harkins (silver bundle)
21. Kenny Dage (silver)
22. Mark Wiggins (silver)
23. Friedhelm Shepherd (silver)
24. Ron Meyer (silver)
25. Kim Albertson (silver)
26. Dave Ernst
27. Vincent Priolo (silver)
28. Mark Petri
29. Dave Brecht (silver bundle)
30. Lynne Van Gilder (silver)
31. Scott Nehls (silver)
32. Daniel Facone
33. Matt Wilsoncroft (silver)
34. Matt Wilsoncroft (silver)
35. Jose Rodriguez (silver bundle)
36. Bill Fenning (silver bundle)
37. Bob Crow (silver bundle)
38. Dave Ronald (lava bundle)
39. Bruce Nash (silver)
40. Charlie Prochaska (silver)
41. Fabio Apolito (silver)
42. Chad Dickey (silver bundle)
43. Lynard Culver (silver)
44. Trent Whitney (silver)
45. Bill Sakes (silver)
46. Bill Sakes (silver)
47. Eric Trzcinski (lava bundle)
48. TJ Soprano (silver bundle)
49. Phil Leinbach (silver)
50. Chris Kober (silver)



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Any word on when these might be available? Did I miss something regarding how to get them? Will we be putting in our own orders, or will you do a bulk order at some time?
Thanks a lot for all your work on this effort.


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Any word on when these might be available? Did I miss something regarding how to get them? Will we be putting in our own orders, or will you do a bulk order at some time?
Thanks a lot for all your work on this effort.
They were available for purchase last October, this is the interest thread. There is an official group buy thread in this same section. I think the Lava sold out but pretty sure there are a few silver left.


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FYI ,, I was on the list to receive the lava coolant cover and was lucky enough to buy the last one. The lady from PTP told me it was the last one ,,, that's how I know there are no more left. I will say they are very well built and look great . Worth the money and hopefully they'll get another order to manufacturer more. I plan on purchasing the turbo blanket in the near future, just didn't have enough money to do it earlier. Hope this info helps........


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PTP will be doing another run of the coolant tank in the TTA Facebook group.
Hey guys, I talked to PTP turbo blankets yesterday about doing more coolant overflow/alky tank blankets. They are willing to give us the same deal I had when I 1st had them made about 2 years ago. For pre-orders of 10 or more they will discount the blankets the same as befoer: Silver $79.95 (still a few left in stock at that price), LAVA $94.95. They will also make to order (special order no return) for and additional $10 (LAVA $105) turn around time is approximately 3 weeks. If you want a matching T3/T4 LAVA turbo blanket they will bundle together taking $15 off the $160 turbo blanket.
There was some complaints about the silver covers being too loose. This was do to the different material compared to the much thicker LAVA blanket that the original pattern was created for my personal cover. They told me that they could make the Silver now in a thicker version to improve fit.

PTP TTA coolant tank group purchase on Facebook
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