TTA Axle and Ratio Questions


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Still a total newb to the TTA thing, so bear with me. Hope to join you all as an owner someday.

Were ALL of the TTAs build with one axle design...either the 9 bolt Aussie rear, or the corporate 10bolt?

Also, were there optional axle ratios, or were they all built with the same ratio? If they are all the same, what was that std. ratio?

Jan Larsson

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All the same aussie rear and 3.27 ratio....all to keep cost down...there were other proposals on the table but would have cost more so did not happen.
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Thanks Jan.

On a somewhat related thought....I hear good things about the Aussie rear, overall. I guess we'd all like to have something a couple of degrees stronger. But from my reading, there seem to be fewer inherent weaknesses in the 9 bolt Vs. the 10.

The only recurring complaint I seem to see with the 9 bolt (aside perhaps from parts cost and availability) is the Auburn differential. Are there any options in the aftermarket for this rear axle that are stronger? I see many for the 10 bolt.


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Thanks TeeTopZ.

I had seen the 9bolt website. They seem to only have rebuilt Auburns, which don't enjoy the best reputation.

It is nice to see a helical gear type available. Seems to be the best design out there. But that $1200.00 price tag, plus shipping from Australia...that's gonna leave a mark! :rofl:

Still, good to know what's out there. Thanks again.


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No problem, glad I could help. The price tag scared me away too! For the cost of that unit plus shipping you could probably spend a few hundred more and get a 12 bolt, 9 inch, or a Dana bolt in unit
Hi, Everyone,

I would like to replace all the Rear Diff bearings also what gear ratio I should use for street use any recommendations?? Where to get it from.

Thanks a lot for your assistance.
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