TTA #1515 new rims/tires


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Running four fronts

Finally took the car out to try out the new rubber. Ride was smooth, actually seemed to handle a little better. I like the stance with the four fronts. The rears dont stick out from the wheel well that much. Took a few pictures. It was really the first time I had the car out this year (sad, but true). Last weekend I took the Formy to a show. My TTA is running strong, all my scanmaster readings are consistent. Good to go!


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Looks great Kim. Sad to say, but mine has only been out once as well, and that was to do something in the garage. Too many other projects going on.
Looking good Kymmee, weird how they seemed to stick out more when i tried it... you need to get that car out and drive it, they like to go...ttarider
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