Thinking Of Selling #76

Gauging interest, thinking of selling my original 1989 Turbo Transam festival car with all the documentation- 7000 miles. Been too busy with the Grand Nationals lately. What is the market like now? Sorry for the typo, it is Festival car # 76. I will ask Jan to include this on his running list.
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If you're in no hurry, start high; maybe $38 or $39k. Whatever offers you get may give you an idea of where the market for it is. Also, there's one going at Barret-Jackson soon.
Hello everyone, Thanks for the responses. Haven't been on the site for a while. As Jan L knows, I am involved with supplying/producing high quality parts for the Grand Nationals. Some parts are interchangeable with the TTA. Unfortunately I have not had enough time to enjoy my vehicles, and will be putting my 1989 TTA festival up for sale this spring/summer as well as another Trans am. I just pulled all the documentation including ticket stubs to the Indy 500 race. My hope is to sell this awesome vehicle and possibly my other Trans am to a collector who will continue to maintain/preserve it. I will follow up with serious interested parties. I don't know if I can load a video here. If possible, I will. Thanks
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