The *NEW* LS swap project


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Everything on the pressure side is 3" except the Edelbrock TB, it's 4", so the final 12 " is transitioned to 4".
I'm running an OEM 0411 computer tuned with HP Tuners.
Yeah the cage definitely hinders the street cruising ability. Then the car will launch different and you'll have to learn to launch all over again.

Car sure is making good power with little boost. Nice work Rich.


Stay thirsty my friends
Since cruising the old neighborhood here, thought I'd update the LS swap.
Didn't get too much street time this past summer because I was doing a full rehab on 2 of my vacant rentals and I'm a one guy show sooo....
Anyway, 8 pt.S&W roll cage is here(some call it a roll bar less the halo bar), relocated the battery to the trunk because of an "Auto Cool Guy" PWM fan controller needed to occupy some very scarce real estate under the hood. I added a Julio alky system but haven't incorporated into the tune yet.And I did remove the front sway bar and installed a UMI drag bar out back.

So this winter will be the cage install, 5 pt harness(s) and new rear spoiler. Since my daughter is now 17 she drives herself everywhere so I calculated that using the rear seat was slim to none, hence the cage install. Tracks are getting more and more tight with tech-ins and if I want to race at bigger tracks like Norwalk I need to get in compliance
Cool, sounds like you’ve been busy.
Good to see you’re still into it!
I sold my TTA, didn’t think I would ever do that. I think I was tired of fixing things.
I bought a brand spankin new Corvette Grand Sport with a manual trans. Kinda cool shifting gears after many years. Didn’t think I ever want a Vette after years of getting grief from that crowd, but the damn thing is super fun and naturally aspirated is kinda nice for a change. Good to hear from you.
Post some pics when you get done.
Hey Rich I get your message, thanks. Can you tell me more about the UMI drag bar out back. Don't think I have heard of that one? Does it replace the pan hard bar?

RatFink, I too am in the new red corvette club, mine is manual too and it's wayyyyy too much car. Every time I drive it I get a bit scared. No boost lag to let me get ready lol.


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82-02 GM F-Body Rear Drag Sway Bar – Stock Rear [2245-275] - $429.99 : UMI Performance, Inc.
Hopefully that linked, but it replaces the original rear bar and helps keep the car leaving straight. It's a freaking stout piece and makes the ride harsh, but it's a purpose built car so comfy is not part of the plan. It has adjustable end links to allow you to pre load one side or the other.
I am running one of their offset panhard bars to aid the 4" exhaust to clear.
I don't recall paying that much for it but I bought it a year before I installed it and bought it on sale too.


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Well?... the 8 pt bar is in. By far the hardest,most tedious thing I have ever done on a car...EVER. Took 2 1/2 months of maybe 10 hours a week.



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Right now...the plan is do an iron block LS2 build with a stroker crank coming in at 408 C.I....but I may hang onto the notion of just leaving it a 6.0. I know iron block LS2 means an LQ4 but it will wear an LS2 upper.

And then of course I will supercharge it, probably with a centrifugal blower. I've always been jealous of the consistency my fellow supercharged buddies enjoy.

Transmission will be the 4L80e, certainly not the typical 3rd gen LS swappers choice, but the 4L60/65 costs far too much to make strong enough to last season after season.

The 4L80e will be the hardest part to fit in, with the mount being so much further rearward and that alters any notion of an easy bolt in Y-pipe out there to use.
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