The Infamous Cracked Spoiler

Jan Larsson

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Well not cracked and still the OEM spoiler would make people part with the cash easier than a bad looking cracked spoiler that is for sure ... and if someones after a all original not touched TTA then the fiberglass aftermarket would ruin it as well :)

Would you get more $$$ for one ... not sure but would help sell if car is all original etc.


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If it has a factory spoiler that hasnt cracked it will sooner or later. My 2 cars have cracked spoilers 1 is factory down to tires .


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Same with mine. I talked to all of the owners and no one told me they replaced mine so as far as I know it's original on a 30K mile TTA!

The main reason they crack is from moisture and getting the car wet. If you wash it a lot with water and or it's out side in the elements it's going to crack and fast. From what I could gather the past owners of my TTA did everything they could to never get the car wet or wash it. Just towel it down with some detail spray from time to time.
The previous owner of mine did not drive it in winter. He lived in Wisconsin and kept it in heated storage and drove only in the summer. you can tell that when the wiper blades are still original and there are no wiper streaks on the windshield.:cool1:
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