Thanks To Jim (Phillyturbosix)


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Congratulations to Jim for making this show a great success. We all know it took 2 years of hard work and dedication to put it all together. As owners of TTAs we are all proud of our cars and what they stand for.

Hopefully in the future we will have more events like this one.:thumbup:
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Jim did an Amazing job! He busted his ass to make this event perfect and it showed!!!

Hats off to you buddy!!
It was great to see you as well...




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great job Jim!!!! It was a lot of long days and lots of decisions but it turned out to be a wonderful weekend!! Hats off to you! I was part of the judging crew and let me tell you guys. What a hard decision picking the top cars. Just a few points separated the winners.. You guys did a great job with your cars.. I have not been a BPG event before and met a lot of old friends I have not seen in years and made new friends(Jason and Dean, Joe and Moon and Jan and his family are great people!) Epic weekend for my Son and I, guys!
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I am so glad you guys enjoyed the event! That's all I was shooting for! Thanks again for coming out! I could not have made it what it was without each and every one of you! It really was an amazing weekend that went by at the flash of light! Thank you! :)
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