Synthetic oil reviews

I've been trying to find a site with synthetic oil reviews. Everyone I come to either beats around the bush and doesn't even give you a review. Or is sponsored by one of the oil manufacturers. Does anyone have any reviews that I can look at, or point me in the right direction? :DontGetIt:


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Not what I am looking for. Thanks anyways.
What are you looking for? Bob is extremely well known in the automotive community, he used to have a really extensive comparison of a lot of oils on his website but I can't seem to find it since he changed everything. Really, all oils must meet the standards for lubrication and breakdown so without getting into specialty oils they're pretty similar. For over the counter synthetics, Castrol and Mobil 1 are probably the most popular.

Oil is something that no one agrees on. Some people swear by synthetics, while some swear by Rotella T diesel oil, they all have their own advantages.
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