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This is a WARNING and a hard lesson learned for the Trans Am community. Almost a year ago I purchased a beautiful 1989 Trans Am Turbo 20th Anniversary car from McLaughlin Trans Am Museum. The Owner Rick McLaughlin advertised the car as having 200 miles and never titled. I took the bait and purchased the car. As soon as the money was transferred the problems begin, no shipment, delays after delays. I finally had someone go there and pick it up. The car arrived missing keys, no paperwork etc.. after multiple calls and emails he finally emailed the Manufactures Certificate of Origin and a few other documents.. success?? Almost same day I got a call from a person claiming to be the owner… the car was described perfectly down to the missing keys. As it turns out Rick McLaughlin had stolen the car from her home and forged all the documents. Rick McLaughlin has now been charged with Grand Theft Auto and as it turns out has pulled this before. There are currently 5 open investigations and multiple civil suits again him and his business (which is fake as well no business license). If ANYONE is considering buying from him DO NOT. Chances are it has been stolen or was not his to sell. If anyone has purchased a car from him you should check the titles. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. He “specializes” in Trans AM’s.


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Yikes. That's scary.

Do you have any more details....links to stories on line? His business website is still very much up and running, and Google produces no public records or news stories about someone by that name charged with auto theft.

Mike Arrigo

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Hopefully it works out for you and you can somehow get your money back or keep the car since I am sure insurance paid out to the old owner already. I had this happen to me once and it was a mess and luckily worked out in the end, but still sucked ass. Good luck and I hope it works out
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