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Hi Guys/Galz:

I have some misc 1982-1992 Camaro Firebird TA parts that I'm looking to sell. They all came off low mileage cars. Purchased a couple of years ago from someone local who just wanted everything gone. I'll post pics ... Obviously some of it will not be made for the TTA whereas other stuff will be.

I've got a bunch of body parts as well, lenses, misc. brackets and other pieces as well. So if you have a need please let me know and I'll check if I have it.

I'll post pics too. Thanks.

Console $100.00 MINT shape
Braker booster $15.00 looks great
a/c box with drier (?) bracket in really nice shape $75.00
headlight assembly $40.00

If really interested and need a specific pic just let me know.

Of course shipping will be extra. I'm in Detroit / Ann Arbor area if you want of come pick them up. I'm trying to put really reasonable prices for everything ... bargins.

If there's an interest I'll post more stuff ...
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Okey Dokey ... I'll take them later today or tomorrow! Happy Memorial Day ... and remember those who gave their lives for our nation!


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Hi Lynn:

Looked it over up and down. No separation. No cracks. No scratches. Clean it up and it's a mint console. The pictures should verify this. Let me know if you have any other questions.

ill check with some wreking yards around here an try to find a nice pair what do they usually run ?
I'm not sure what they run? Jan emailed me an eBay link but I've reached my PayPal life time limit and ave not gotten around to linking it to a bank account.
If you find some shoot me a message.

Thanks man!!



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Hi TTA 229 ... I am not sure if either of these will fit/work with the TTA. Can you tell from the pics? Anyone?

If you need any other picture I'm willing to do so ...

My "guess" is the console/no ... the headlight/yes ... but those are guesses from memories ...

Any help?

Mike Arrigo

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The center consoles should be all the same from the Firebirds to the TTA 85-92 and I think they were all grey in color. They are not unique parts.


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The consoles are the same for ALL 85-92 Firebirds/GTA/Trans am/TTA. The headlight assembly will work for 82 -90. The headlight motor will work 87-92


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Okey Dokey that pretty much settles it ... the console and headlight are for the TTA!

Thanks guys ...

Waiting on either Lynn or Scott ...
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