Socket size for crankshaft pulley / car sitting

Soooo long story short had been moving around for a couple years. Left my car sitting in my parents garage.

I now need to bring it no my house/garage.

This is my plan. let me know what you think , ideas, suggestions.

i am going to pull the spark plugs, spray some wd40 into the plug holes.

Put a socket and breaker bar on the pulley for the crankshaft.

Anyone know what size socket ?

Try and turn it by hand. make sure the pistons are free and everything turns. Then i was going to pull the orange wire behind the battery. crank it some with the key to build oil pressure, Reconnect the orange wire and see if she will start up.

I plane to rent a car trailer from UHual and tow it with my F150. I figure if it runs, ill drive it on/off the trailer. Its about 100 miles from my mothers house to mine, So i figure to risky to drive it if it starts.

So what does everyone think?

And what size socket should i bring with me ?


Jan Larsson

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1 1/8"
However note that you need to remove the fan to get to the crank bolt

if no spark plugs in there you can use the alternator pulley bolt to turn the engine around that’s easier
How long has it been sitting ? It would take many many yrs sitting outside for the eng to seize, charge it, start it and drive it on the trailer, i would be more worried about sending old gas through the injectors....
Its been sitting for about 5 years. I move it tomorrow so see how it goes lol.
I probably will end up replacing the injectors anyway. Its been a long time since I did any type of work, as in mods, to the car.
Im sure with technology innovations there are better injectors now.
I think it had 50lbs injectors on it. Dont even remember lol.
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