Show Classes at the reunion / layout


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Going to keep it fairly simple for the show/display. Stock and Modified class. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 100 point judging for these classes. They also have a over all concourse class for all the cars that attend if anyone wants in on that as well. That is a 300 point judging system.

On the show field we'll have the front rows the festival cars, then stock cars, then modified TTA's. Once you come in the gate head on over to the show area and someone will park you in the show/display area.

Also there will be the special awards below picked by the information filled out on your registration sheets. Scott Kelly will personally pick the others listed below...

Furthest TTA Driven
Furthest TTA Trailered
The Rarest TTA
Best of show all STOCK TTA
Best of show MODIFIED
Lowest Mile TTA
Highest Mile TTA
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