Shifter alternatives?

I am wondering if anyone is using an aftermarket ratchet shifter? Any suggestions for an alternative to the garbage stock shifters.
I am looking for something that looks some what stock and with no mods to the console.
Last question-can the 7004r trans be used in the TTA. I think there was a reason they had to use the 2004r? Thanks.


Did you ever wonder?
The drivetrain was already epa certified with the engine and 2004r. No good reason to use the 700r4 that doesn't bolt up to the Buick block. 2004r is a better trans than the 700r4/4l60e anyway.
If you are going to put any power to the 2004r transmission I suggest getting an expert to beef it up or buy a crate trans from Dave hussik or Lonnie Diers.
I had local guys do my trans 3 or 4 times before I realized you need a specialist in this trans to get it done right. I have since bought 3 transmissions from Extreme Automatics and put them to the test and they have never let me down. Can't say enough for a reliable transmission.
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