Scott Kelly's Website comments

Wow! Just read this entire thread and it unfortunately ended how I feared. It's really awesome to have Scott chime in on items and hopefully he can get something going with the PAS legacy products.

Scott hope you are doing well. Check in when you can.
I agree with the others, Scott.

Please know that your old car is still in good hands.

Really enjoyed all of the information you have shared here, and looking forward to your next posts.


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Does anyone know if the PAS site will be back up?

Do they need the info hosted on a server?
I would be happy to host it for them.


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I wonder as well, what happened to him. Hope he is doing ok. I guess we should all be glad that some of us did get to talk to him and get some info on the TTA. He did provide us with many pictures, and documents for the forum. It was a very informative talk that he gave at the reunion. On a side note, can you guys believe that next month will have been 5 years?
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