Rust on paint by spoiler


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Just took off rear spoiler, and the rust from the spoiler leaked on the hatch paint. I tried clay bar, and it took some off, but not all. Any ideas??


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Are you putting on a new spoiler? If it is stained, it might be a good idea to have the hatch sprayed too. It is not that big of a piece.
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Nick Wise

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Compound, something like a 1000-1500 grit. should be able to get it off just by rubbing, if not, get the shop thats painting the spoiler to buff it. Clay bars just remove any dirt or deposits in the paint, the wont remove stains.


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I used to use a product by 3M called Finesse-It which is like a mild rubbing compound. They used to sell it at automotive paint stores. Works well for removing nasty bugs, tar, sap, rubber, etc. but also removes any wax in the area. But as mentioned you might need a regular rubbing compound.
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