Rules for Using the Cars For Sale Section

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Post a price when posting a car for sale. Also include your location of the car.

Please try to keep the for sale threads constructive and do not post things that may hurt their sale. If you feel a price is unfair or the car is improperly represented PM the seller.

Here's a basic format that you can follow:
*Asking Price:
*Vehicle City & State:
*Vehicle Make, Model, Year:
*Actual Mileage:
*Title: Clean / Rebuilt / Salvage / Missing
*Transmission Type: Automatic / Manual
*Body Color:
*Interior Type and Color:
*List of modifications:
*List of known issues, flaws, or problems:
*Has the vehicle had any accidents or paint work? Yes or No
*Extra items that come with the vehicle i.e. Owners Kit, extra parts, collectibles, etc.
*Attach photos or post links to photos:
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