Restoring Fathers Pace Car- Electrical issuses Help Needed

Good afternoon All !
I joined this forum looking to pick up an education, and hopefully some direction from some of the more experienced members here . Here's a little background on the car, where we are at now, and how it got to this point :

My father purchased this car brand new , and still has all the decals in the box, motor trend articles , Car and Driver notes, etc.... From about 1989-2003, the car was a garage queen, seeing only Sunny Sunday drives. From about 2003-2011, my Father went through a rough time in his life and the car was driven more occasionally ,spent more time in the elements etc...
From about 2012-now, the car has been sitting dormant , mostly under a car cover , with little to no movement.

Then I purchased the car 3 weeks ago and am planning on bringing her back to life , starting Mechanically of course, then working out to the minor body work needed.

Right now I can't get the car to start, and from speaking to some locals and asking around, some people tend to believe there is an issue with the cars security system and/or steering column. I can get the car to turn " On" but it will not crank the starter, or go to the crank position. I am pulling the starter today to see if I can manually get it to jump, if the starter is good, It's back to the electrical drawing board . I have pictures, can post as much as I can, any help is greatly appreciated !

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Is the security light on and then go out or does it stay on and it won’t crank at all ?

We can post the schematics for you and also the failure procedures.

Making sure the starter is sound is a good thing to check so you can rule that out.

These cars have the VATS system and it’s not that reliable and a number of things can go wrong there preventing the car from cranking and starting but it would normally leave the security light on if that is the case.
There is a puple wire wrapped around the front of the car. Heavy 12 ga wire. With the key is the run position put 12v to the purple wire. It will force the car to crank.
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