Reliability & Collectibility of 89 TTA

How reliable were the 89 TTA? Was the drivetrain decently reliable? I know the 3.8L Buick V6's were stout. The 2004R in stock form had its limitations but the aftermarket has TONS of upgrades that can make a 2004R handle 900HP. The differentials I am not too familiar with.

I've owned and driven older muscle cars (60's and early 70's). They were easy to work on but messing with carbs and then not having an overdrive trans made it difficult to drive, especially on the highway. Even with a 3.23 - 3.73 gear, the old muscle cars had a 55-60MPH top highway speed. Otherwise you would be revving the enigne into oblivion and risk overheating it and causing engine damage. Not fun seeing 3,600 RPM while cruising the highway at 60MPH trying to keep up with traffic.

Will the 1989 TTA values remain steady, decline, increase, over the next few years?

Mike Arrigo

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A stock TTA is very reliable if kept up with. You have typical F Body noises and such. Gear ratio is great for racing or just cruising on the highway or around town. Prices seem to be creeping up every year, but are still an affordable car to own. Great cars to own.
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