Radiator hoses and clamps for TTA (like original) ?

Would you have interest in a factory correct upper/lower rad hose, dbl wire clamps for your 1989 TTA

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This post is for Jan L or anyone that wants to keep their TTA Original as factory.

Do you think there is an interest for
reproduction upper and lower radiator hoses, and the special clamps as shown in the attached picture?
Any responses are welcome.
Thanks in Advance!

tta rad hose and clamp photo.jpg


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I have a '77 Cordoba that came with that style of hose clamp for the upper and lower radiator hoses. When I had the radiator re-cored this past year, I wanted ot put it back in with original style clamps. I found them at InLine Tube. Sold as being for Oldsmobiles. They have different sizes, so measure what you have and give them a call. You might get lucky!

InLine Tube Link

Jan Larsson

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Gates made those hoses fairly recently under their own brand and also for Napa and GM/Delco so they got the tooling; would be nice with the correct factory markings on them.

Clamps I got a bunch already but would be nice to have a source for them (not checked out the InLine tube versions mentioned above).
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