Pushrod length please help

Hello found a recently rebuilt grandnational engine going to install my Turbo trans .it has a mild Cam ,Bored 30 over.Swaped the heads over but the push rod length are little longer on the grand national .Do I use the pushrods from the grand national or the pushrods from the trans am.

Jan Larsson

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From the trans am however I would use a pushrod length checker to see what length you really need for a perfect geometry and the thickness of head gasket you plan to use

by the way the pistons are way different for the GN so make sure you use the correct pistons for those heads or your compression ratio will be way high
Just spoke with full throttle and my setup should be fine, a small bump up in compression. Waiting on 2 different size pushrod tools.after wards when tightening my rockers,I understand the manual says 45lbs but what is the procedure
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