Pearl of wisdom for folks with "no start" problem

After spending several hours chasing an intermittent no start problem, I found a cause that may be the same for many of you with the same problem.

The first time I had the problem I parked on a hill, pulled the handbrake to give the parking pawl some relief. When I came back it was difficult to get out of Park. Next came the infamous "no start", not even a click from the solenoid. I assumed the park/neutral switch must have the search began...oh how wrong my assumption was...three hours later and all the correct voltages in all the right places I was almost stumped. Solenoid had voltage yet didn't engage....must be the problem!
Upon opening the solenoid I noted that the large thread post (bat 12vpost) has two protruding prongs on the inside. One of them was down to nothing, so I turned the post 180 degrees, put everything together and voila' there's the problem!
So the moral of the story is if there's voltage at the solenoid but nothing happens on crank, then check the post and turn it instead of buying an entire new starter/solenoid...and let this area be the first suspect in troubleshooting!
No. The post on the solenoid has two prongs on the inner side. Only one makes contact and wears down. Turning the large prong on the solenoid 180 degrees allows the round plate in the solenoid to contact the unworn prong.


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The original starter is a different part number than the service replacement starter from gm, so if you care about judging/originality/value, don't turn in your original core because you will be giving away the correct starter for the car and you will have to track it down later to have a correct car. Part numbers and casting numbers are the gospel in car originality and having the wrong parts can cut the value of a car in half. No need to give important castings to the autozone to save ten or twenty bucks core charge, right?.

According to my parts manual the original "production" starter is 1998516

According to my parts manual the "service replacement" starter is 1998591

1998591 is the part number for the original "production" 5.7 liter L98 starter, and the service replacement as well.


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mine will turn over an try to start first time then just turn over after that ... got a fp checker just havent taken it to the shop
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