Out of storage freshening/ maintenance questions/ideas

The car is home again! Towed it down Saturday. Was a decent trip with a U-Haul car trailer towed by my F150.

Someone was taking pictures and filming the car on the trailer. Guess it had been awhile since they saw a Trans Am lol.

So the car started ok. Put a fresh battery in. Used Jans suggestion of turning it first by the alternator bolt. Then unplugged the orange wire by the battery. Cranked it some to build oil pressure. Then plugged the wire back in to fire it up. Some smoking but that may have been my doing. I pulled the plugs before storage and misted some 2 stroke oil into the holes. Then put the plugs back in. Also, before I tired to start it, I pulled the plugs and shot some wd40 into the holes.

Got it up on the trailer with some difficulty. Seemed like the trans was slipping backing it up on the car trailer. Would rev up but no power. I did check fluid levels but obviously the trans wasn’t that hot. I just got it started backed the car out of the garage. Down the driveway. Then on the trailer. I’m hoping maybe after sitting for about 10 years all the fluid drained out of the lines/ converter and into the pan. Like it was taking a long time for it to circulate back into the system?

There was something leaking. Not sure if it was trans fluid or oil. Some dark wet cardboard was under the car.

So now that I got it home. I am thinking about what I need to do to go through the car. Do some spring cleaning, maintenance and refresher.

So I will list a bunch of things to do, some questions. Let me know what you folks think, suggestions etc.

Fluids..change them all. All are 10 years old or older.

Oil and filter
Trans and filter
Rear gear oil
Brake fluid
Power Steering …is there anyway to drain it all? Or just suck as much out of the reservoir and replace?
Spark plugs…whats the go to plug these days? I have AC Delcos in them.
O2 sensor

Rear main if leaking…whats the go to seal? Still Fel Pro? No side seals just fill it with rtv?
Anything else I should change/replace? Sensors etc?

Gas..forgot to see how much is in there, I think it was about a ¼ tank of 10 yr old gas/stabil mix.
Have to see if I can drain it or just try and run it all out. Or as low as possible.

What are the good places for parts?
I usually do rock auto for common stuff, any other recommendations?
What about TTA/GN specific stuff?

I will need hood/hatch struts.
Power window motors probably. They were sloooowwwww.

I didn’t try the radio/power antenna yet.
Also have not tried the hatch or head lights.

Anything else I should try/check?



White lightning drinker
Did you check the trans fluid with the engine running and the transmission hot? If not, the fluid is probably low.
Don't run the old gas. Drain the tank, and check for rust before refilling.
The power windows were slow from the factory.
I get a new fuel filter also.
Will check the gas cap, might just get a new one.

I didn't even think about the wires...I have the magnacore with the 90 degree boots to clear the down pipe.
Can you still get these ? If so where?
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