Original Hood Liner

I'm trying to find an original hood liner for these cars and wondering if anyone here could help me find one. They seem to be hard to find to me. Trying to get one (and a few other things as well) for a semi-restoration for a family member. Thanks for any help!



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My opinion....there are no good repros. there is an aftermarket repro., but it does not look like the original. You can spot it a mile away.

Finding a good used one is your best bet, but it's not easy to do.


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Agreed. I don't know the specific manufacturing process, but our originals are "pressed" under heat or steam or who knows what to create the three dimensional shape they have. I'm guessing that means large metal tooling of a type and expense that no one will ever bother to replicate (not to mention the boxing, stocking and shipping hassles).

I had thought that if a decent used one could be sourced, that perhaps a place that sprays chopped fiberglass could layer material over an original, creating a reverse image. Then scrape off the old original, and use that as a mold to spray in a fiberglass liner like the original. That piece could then have a thin layer of the repro liner pad attached with spray glued over it. A lot of work, expense, and no guarantee of success, but I don't think the idea is THAT far out there. Or maybe I'm just desperate. :D Just day-dreaming I guess.

It wouldn't look 100% original, but would have that three dimensional shape that the repros do not.
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