Not the TTAs but a distant second cousin


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Cool pics! They’re very cool trucks! We used to run into the engineers testing the pre production version of the syclone at Milan drag way. I really dig seeing in plant pics!
Thanks for posting!


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When I first started worked for GM as a service manual author c1994, our truck team was on the second floor of the old GMC Truck administration building on South Blvd. in Pontiac, MI. Very cool old building with lots of local history. Across the street there was a vacant lot that belonged to GM, and it must have had a hundred of these trucks stored there. The story was that they were built for mideast export (metric gauges, arabic script on the mirrors, no cat. converters, etc.). I don't recall the reason that they could not be exported, but for some reason they had been rejected. They could be resold here without major rework (no cat, no tune for cat, wrong mirrors). So they just sat for a long time. As I understood it, they were eventually scrapped. All we knew for sure is that they were trucked away, and never seen by us again.
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