No 1078 got a new license plate !

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Been on the fence to get a new what we call "cherished number" for TTA no 1078 ... some call it private plate.

Anyway you are restricted to the normal number series and proper spacing between characters etc so you need a bit of imagination when you look for one.

And of course you are limited to whatever is avalible within the legal number series; and you can not put a "newer" number on a old plate however you can use a "older" number so this again limits you to what can be used.

Lots of companies selling legal numbers and prices got no limit specially for very short early style numbers ... one example would be "1 TTA" that at least to be avalible and it was around $15.000 USD (at least that's what they were asking for it).

Anyway I tried to come up with something different but still relevant for me and for other TTA owners ...

So my choice ... wait ... "E9 BOC" ... and we could have some fun asking you to guess what that stands for :dance:

E9 ... would be 89 (so as I said some imagination using what's legal and a released combination).

BOC is simple ... the BOC Flint Powertrain Operations who built our engines and where Bill Owen worked ... BOC is Buick - Oldsmobile - Cadillac ...

I thought about getting CPC (so Chevrolet - Pontiac - Canada) which were the other business line at the time however not unique enough as the history and the fun is more related to our engines than anything else. More info: BOC-CPC - Generations of GM

PAS was not available so could not get that and TTA I could not get a short enough number to fit on one line legally (I could get something like E19 TTA for instance).

Anyway in short I'm happy with this and looks good.

Number plate frame is not an option as I would not have the legal spacing left on the right and left side of the plate (frame would cover up the space and make it illegal for road use).


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interesting plate,it's going to leave some people scratching their headsDontKnow:
Yep and I don't think anyone on this side of the pond will ever get BOC ... E9 they do get ... however its for me only really and its a nice reminder of these cars heritage and "birth" if you like.

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Unfortunately we are very limited in the way we can do this compared to what you guys can get in the US ... and we do need some imagination ....

For anyone interested see:

So in short you can't create your own to replace your existing plate, only choose a replacement that is available (and meet the legal requirements). Meaning you have to find an existing one with the number/letter combination you feel is "personal" to you.

And some are expensive ... "F 1" sold years ago for around $500k USD ...
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And some are expensive ... "F 1" sold years ago for around $500k USD ...

There will always be people with alot of money doing stupid stuff

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I though E9 was a reference to Rare Lichen.
ok might be a language issue as it wont translate into Swedish lol.

Did a search for Rare Lichen and E9 c6 comes up however don't say me anything I'm afraid DontKnow:

E9 and B9 on number plates on this side of the pond would be 89 (in most cases) :yes:
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