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Hi just got my "new" 89 Turbo with 216 miles on it, never titled but I am also missing the hatch key and owners manuals and one fender emblem. Hoping someone mya have some of those items? Also I drove it a few miles today seemed good just curious when should the turbo kick in? and after I parked it and shut it off a fan kicked in is that normal? This is my first Turbo so any info would be appreciated!!! I live in south Jersey also looking for a mechanic in the area familiar with these...


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The turbo kicks in around 2500 rpm. It is normal for the fan to continue to run after the engine is shut off on warm days.

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Are you going to drive it or just store it as a possible investment? Fan staying on sometimes after car is shut off is normal. Are you looking for the TURBO emblem?


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Hi yes one of the fender emblems. The one key seems to have been lost all I have is the ignition keys.. To be honest not sure what to do with it.. maybe drive it a little it is very tempting.. Ill post photos..
As a previous and current "holder" of low mileage TTA's it is very difficult not to drive them. I always have a drive TTA in the mix so as not to over use the low mileage examples. Boost is addicting.


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Yes it is I drove it today 10 miles I could not resist ... so A/c did not work and power antenna not working... (is that hard to access)


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Interesting car! Looking forward the some pics. How is it that you bought such a low mileage example with no definitive plans? Is this something that you stumbled on to and you were unable to resist? Any paperwork, owners box? Cool find no matter what!
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