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Hello everyone just bought my first TTA #114 originally Dick Simons car. I currently own an 87 GN. Which is the thread for both was reading here and said there was one created if you own both? Thanks
Thank you, yes the original owner was Dick Simon the race car driver. I have a written and signed letter by him that came with the car. Always wanted a TTA finally got one. Looking forward to the meets you guys might possibly have in the future....
Where are you from? A member is helping get a gathering set up next year at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, in recognition of the 30th Anniversary of our cars. Also, the same goes for the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton Ohio next August as well. Welcome to the group.
I’m in South Florida but I won’t mind driving 8-10hrs for a meet especially if it’s the 30th anniversary. How far ahead will you guys start posting about a meet? And than you for welcoming me to the group very excited finally owned a TTA after so many years of wanting one.
I was the same way, I wanted a TTA for many years. This is my fourth third gen, and after an 89 gta, I found TTA 515.
The TA nationals are in late August, I forget the date.
I believe the 30th reunion at IMS will be in June of 2019. A member is leading this and working out the details. There will be much more on updates as we get closer.
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