Meet and Great .. Forum Members Attending ?

Jan Larsson

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I think we have to play this by ear on the day out there ...

I don't have a US cell phone anymore (used to when I spent more time for work out there) but would suggest when we are all parked up (well not me as I'm not brining the car for obvoius reasons) together on the Saturday we should make sure we get to talk to eachother and put a face to the name then we can potentially decide if we meet up all in one location at some point later that same day ... maybe right after the Q&A session on the Saturday as I'm sure none of us will miss that one ...

And for those of you I have not met before ... here's a picture of me proudly holding a license plate from the Fun Run in Kingman Az earlier this year ... George did you get yours yet lol



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They did not show up yet at the Powerhouse.
I need to buy the other years as well, since I have taking one of my cars each year I've been here.
I only bought the whole package when I took my 20th TTA that one year, and I got #455!
It was great to see you again this year! ;)
Glad you had a great time.
Now, if you could make it out, and get into SEMA! ;)

George :beach:
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