Low Mileage TTA For Sale

I'm selling my 4900 original mileage TTA. I have all the original decals, documents and memorabilia to go with the car. Message me for more details or pics. Asking $29,900 or serious offers, possible trade.
That's a REAL nice original TTA! I've seen this car.

Very original, only the original early 80's mods, such as K&N breather and valve cover breather.

All of the modifications are very minor mods for a 89 TURBO TA (TTA). The mods mentioned made them better IMO and are awesome typical smart mods to make.

Nice example of a very NICE 89 TTA


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Very Nice! Watch how many people try to pm you and say well since it has teh K&N Breather on it it should be worth xyz. Awesome Example and priced like it should be.
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