Looking for TTA or Trans Am parts


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Does anyone know where to get some original or even aftermarket parts for our cars? I'm trying to replace some parts before I do a repaint and have been trying to find some of these parts.

1. The plastic pieces under the front bumper that the deflector connects to. With how low these things are, I'm guessing a lot of these have the deflector tabs broken off, but hoping to find both the left and right side

2. OEM working rear speakers.

3. Thin black trim piece that goes along the top of the doors on the outside of the window.

4. Driver's power mirror assembly.

5. Passenger inner door panel.

6. Passenger side hood vents at the front of the hood (or both is fine).

7. Also trying to find the weatherstriping for the drivers side A pillar that I believe continues on to the T-top. I'm guessing I would want this new since anything used is probably cracked or ripped up.

Any recommendations or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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