Last minute cancellation

Well friends, unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it. I've been putting together last minute planning to go to this event, but just found out today I can't come.

Is someone video recording the guest speakers?? I'd love to get a copy of that, and some photo's if someone would be so kind. I myself was really looking forward to meeting the fellow TTA members, the big photo shoot and hearing the guests presentations as well as that rare memorabilia and items that will be floating around somewhere.

All I can say is when the military calls, you have to drop everything and just do it. And who said that Reservists are just weekend warriors, haha!


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Thats a bummer, Joe. Wanted to meet you and see your car. Oh well, we will have to do a cruise in and get the cars together since we live in the same area. I'm sure there will be a ton of pictures and some videos posted.


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Sorry to hear you can't make it Joe! Stay safe out there! Send the wife, girlfriend, and or next door neighbor down with your TTA! We'll make sure it's taken care of! :)
Thanks all. To be clear, I'm not on last minute deployment notice, I just have to go do 2 weeks of AT(annual training), basically Army Reserve lingo for go do your job for 2 weeks. Didn't want anyone thinking I got the call to deploy asap.

Kymmee: I too was looking forward to meeting you, but we're close enough that we can make that happen sometime.

PhillyTurboSix: I thought about that, send her down with the car so the car makes it in the photo shoot, and get some pictures and videos for me. Problem is my friend and I were planning to put finishing touches on the spoiler today and tomorrow then install it, but today after I found out what was going on, we said screw it, we'll finish it when I get back in a couple weeks. So the car is spoiler-less, which personally I don't like that look, and had planned to have it installed prior to leaving for Hebron.

Ratfink: You're welcome, and thanks for thanking me.

I can just hope for a "next time" on the TTA event.

Nick Wise

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That sucks, totally understand. Last year, the weekend after I got married my wife had to do the same thing. She is in the National Guard and is currently deployed to Kosovo for about a 1yr tour. Glad to hear you are staying state side. Hopefully enough cars show up and we can do this again, that way everyone that couldn't make it this year could look forward to next year. If there is anyone that could make it happened it is Jim.
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