Intercooler Inspiration

Hi Everyone.

After 30 years, I finally got my TTA – shipped from Sweden to Australia. I am looking for intercooler inspiration. This car has been heavily modified and was running a Tony Deqik intercooler which got damaged in the shipping process (due to its impractically low connections). As I am sure many of you appreciate, packaging in a front mount intercooler is problematic (from a plumbing and air flow perspective – I really don’t want to cut more holes in the car). Having a custom intercooler made is not really an issue (I work in this industry), but I am really not sure what is the best approach.

One option would be to create a larger version of the factory intercooler (complete with custom duct etc). Can anyone explain to me how the factory intercooler was originally mounted in the car – some photos would be great – I have the original intercooler and duct (the car came with a lot of spares), but I don’t think that I have bits to mount it.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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