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there was more coverage at this show than the Casey Anthony trial (too soon). I am sure we will be on video overload soon.

Jan Larsson

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We got some brilliant info and insight into the TTA project and got lots of stuff strightened out for the first time ... we got the whole thing on video from a number of us so just need to figure out how to get the 3 hours of stuff on-line in whatever format will work best ... I'm on vacation for the next two weeks so wont see anything from me until end of next month I'm afraid ..


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Yes, the Scott Kelly presentation was a plethora of info. He has a genuine love for these cars. I learned a lot, and I think all of us owners have something very special.


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Bill and Scott are great guy's and truly the mother load of information. I sure learned alot, and was corrected on alot of things I had wrong on the cars history. It will be nice to get the video's as a reference tool to keep the facts straight in my mind.

I had no idea our cars were so close to being "still born". Now, knowing all the parts that are unique to these cars, it is amazing they were stickered at only 31k. GM musta lost money on everyone they built.

Thanks to all involved


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Just think of the comprehensive book Bill Owen and Scott Kelly could put together on the history, beginning to end, on these cars. Basically everything that was discussed in Ohio and more. That is definitely something I would pay for and I bet other car enthusiasts/Indy people and Pace Car collectors would pay for too. This was not just a decision to build a pace car, but there were other deep-rooted things going on at GM that also drove the creation of the TTA.

Nick Wise

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What I found most impressive was his comment about sharing all the information for free and he did not believe in making any money off us. Can't wait to see more of the site.
Wow, I didn't realize that he had the site up and running already. That is great that we can check it out as he adds more photos and info. I was just thinking, did anyone ask him to join our forum. How cool would that be if he was an active member on here. Then whenever Jan has a question, he can get the answer from "The Man" himself.


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Mike - I just looked it up. It is supposed to be gibberish. It just takes up space when they are designing the site. I guess I am not up with the programmer's lingo.
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