Hardtop TTA value

Anybody can to give me the value of a hardtop TTA, Leather seats , all original, no mechanical problems with approximately 60k mile? What are they going for now days? Thanks.
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Mike Arrigo

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Hard to tell since they don't come up for sale very often 1 of 24 car is hard to price. The TTA don't grab the value that a GN or GNX get, but I would hold out for at least $30k since there aren't many around. Depending on condition and all that stuff of course. Only 39 hard top TTA's ever made in the universe if you think about it. That makes them pretty darn rare in my book!


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18 seems low to me for a hardtop.
As they get older I think the value of the hardtops should increase more in line with their production numbers.
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