Hardtop TTA on BAT

Yup...got it's restoration, Germany style, then came back over the pond :). There's about $3k in parts that are going with the car including an NOS front nose that I had the paint shop paint along when they painted the car.
The 19k hardtop that sold on BaT last, looked worse than mine did before it's restoration, and yet it went to $26k. I don't get the obsession with the miles...some low mile TTA's look like turds, yet everyone is salavating over the mileage.
I could be wrong, but it seems like I remember seeing a restored TTA hardtop that was in Europe posted for sale here...or on another site some time ago? Wonder if it was the same car?

Any TTA hardtop is a cool car to me.

I have a vaguely similar-type vehicle to this TTA hardtop , with a similar history. People also salivate over low mileage examples. Mine was drag raced (have a folder full of time-slips and pics) and daily driven by a previous owner...has over 80,000 documented miles...then, underwent a great resto by next owner. Now, I have the best of both worlds. Fresh car that can actually be driven and enjoyed.

I think whoever buys this one is going to get a great situation that will allow for the car to be truly enjoyed, as it should be.


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I’m typically a survivor guy but I agree that there is an upside to driving a restored car. When I did my Bee my wife made a statement that I won’t forget. “You can always restore it again.” IMO replacing worn parts on a restored car has no downside.
That was just a bit low from where it needed to be. There's quite a bit going on in my family's life right now, and there's really no time for it now, but I'll ship it back to Germany if need be. I've only seen a few TTA's that were as nice, and they were sub 5k mile cars. I do wish it would have went up a bit more...

Mike Arrigo

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I would have thought about buying it if it wasn't undercoated. That part was killing me on how I would remove it all. Beautiful car though! Keep it and enjoy the work you put into it. ;)
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