Had fun at SEMA 2002!!!!


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Hi all!
Just got back from Las Vegas, where I was at the SEMA 2002 Show!! Had a super time!!!
Let's see.........for starters, I ran into Jeff Beitzel, the ex-owner of PAS, where our wonderful 20th Anniversary Turbo Trans ams were built for Pontiac!
He's a great guy! I chatted with him for about 20 minutes! He was interested in hearing that I had car #231! He talked awhile about the company (PAS), and abit of what he's doing now. Too bad I didn't bring anything (20th TTA items) for him to sign! I just was standing there at the Press Conference, and I saw him! So, I had to go up and introduce myself! I got a picture of him and me (along with some other shots that I took there at the show). Go to:
After you get there, click on SEMA 2002.
I also met Miss Arizona, who is simply stunning!!! Some other beautiful women as well, and I even met Kyle Petty!!! These people were simply great beyond belief!!
Then, on top of all that, I also met Christopher Titus!!! From TV's Titus! Man, I tell ya, this guy rocks!!!! He is alittle more crazy than me!!!! Too bad his program was taken off the air! But not to worry! He said he signed up for a new 1 hour program that will be an action comedy! He also said that he will get some hot rods into it!! He talked with me about what cars he owns!
I also did some major chatting with some Pontiac guys, as well as Pontiac Enthusiast magzine guys (Jim Wangers was one-I know him from way back-he even owns a 20th TTA himself!!!), and I even ran into Rick Jenson from High Performance Pontiac magazine!
Got lots of info on the new GTO, and upcoming NASCAR Daytona 500! I can't post it, and I'm not about to talk about it, but I can/will talk about it off the message boards. Now I want to be there at the Daytona 500 next year!!!!!!
There were lots of great cars, guys, and yes, girls there!!!! I ate some great food (thanks to Mopar Garage for the food!!) there, and at the casinos! Heck, what little time I had, I even won $40.00!! Ha!!
I came home with the car loaded again this year!! Now, I can't wait again for next year!!!

Just letting you all know,

George :twisted:

Jan Larsson

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Hey George glad you made it back, was afraid you got stuck in all those slot machines in LV ha ! So you did have time to gamble ... .$40 not bad :)

So any inside tips from Jeff Breitzel on our TTA's or the manufacturing of them?:)

Have to check out all your pictures, I'm sure there is some nice women there as usual!

Talk to you later, by the way I've dropped you a few e-mails ... one of them is very interesting if you like 2002 TA CE stuff .....




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Hi Jan!
I send you an email, hope you got it!
You are going to have to make plans to go this next year!! We had lots of fun!! We even got some of it on video! We came back to Los Angeles for the rain!!!! I had forgotten what it was!!!!! Ha!!! Heck, we had two days of it!!!! Were you out here? Ha!!
A guy from the Sweden Trans Am Car Club is coming out here, and he will be stopping by to visit! maybe you know him!! maybe we can get Uffe to come out and visit!!
Have a good one!

Hope to hear from you,

George :twisted:


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Yo George!

Whass up man?
Visit from our club? Huh....... name, give me a name!

If i only had the money i should have been there way back in time!

I enjoyed the pic of 2 youngsters in white hair from the show! :lol:

Could you please let me know if you have received one mail from me with a few pics of an -70 TA?
If you have, could you please answer me on the few questions in that mail? 021.335004@telia.com

Thanks! 8)
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