Gbody Parts.. Wow

Ordered a new center bar for the t-tops Tuesday.. just got it today, USPS ground.. i know they have had some problems before but it looks like they got it together now...


I should also add that it is identical to the original part and its stainless steel so it will never ever ever ever ever ever rust.. who ever fabricated this nailed it, big shout out to Nancy that not only answered the phone but called back as well... :eek:


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Nice part indeed! I've had issues with them in the past but nothing major. Looks like they've improved. How much do those go for?


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it's a nice piece for shore like intro84 said are you going to paint it or powder coted or are you going to leave it raw material.


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The T TOP center bar was repoped by Bruce at Hawks third gen, and yes it's done correct this time or should I say without GM bean counters weighing in...very good product and probably cheaper if you go through Bruce at third gen and ask about group purchases...he usually good with that.
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