Fuel Rail


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I am having a hell of a time getting my fuel pressure regulator to stop leaking...

have you switched to after market fuel rails? if so which one and does it take all factory fuel lines?
Are you using a stock 237 or an aftermarket? There should be a plastic shoulder washer that sits behind the O-ring.

I used these O-rings after doing some research - Fel-Pro ES 70599 Fuel Injector O-Ring Set Robot Check

For me the problem was solved when I tightened the FPR to the fuel rail WITHOUT the fuel line connected.


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Had the stock base with the adjustable top, plastic retainer was there and in good shape, then ordered an Accu fab regulator and tried that, it is bottoming out when tightened leaving gouges in the fuel rail opening. Thinking the fuel rail mounts are out of wack causing the alignment issues
If you need I have a stock fuel rail as well as some champion fuel rails I am looking to get rid of.
you can text or call me at 780-two3eight-3410


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