fuel filter or pump?

I have my 89 TTA, bought many years ago and not used much. Took it out today to put a few miles on it, and when I got home and got out of the car, I saw gas pouring out from under the car. It is coming from what looks like a fuel filter, but the "filter" body has two electrical connections to it in addition to the fuel lines. Is this the filter? The car had been modified before I got it for more power, so maybe they put in some special filter?? I have not seen a fuel filter with electrical connections before, so don't know what to talk about. Does anyone know what it is that is leaking? I am in the process of removing it, but don't know what to do then. BTW, this is the TTA that had been worked on by Lee Howie in Ohio, who had worked on many Buick GNs and champion drag cars.
Thanks, Charlie
I got it out of the car and concluded that it is a fuel pressure sensor. I should have known this since a fuel pressure gauge has been added and the car originally doesn't have one. The problem apparently is that this sensor/filter was attached not with standard metal flare fittings (or slip fittings with hose clamps for cars with rubber fuel lines), but with some short pieces of rubber tubing between the metal fuel lines and the sensor in/out fittings, held on with hose clamps. These rubber pieces had softened over time and were falling apart and this is where it was leaking. I will have to figure out the best way to re-install it so this doesn't happen again. The fuel line going to the engine is metal with a flare fitting, but the sensor just has a simple slip on fitting. If anyone knows of a good way to connect these please let me know. I am attaching a couple pics to show what I have. DSCI1706a.JPG DSCI1707a.JPG
After I removed this from its mount, I found the part number on it: this is a Bosch fuel pump that fits Porsche cars. The fitting on the end is a check valve. I don't have any fittings that will mate to it. I will contact local Porsche dealer to see if I can get anything that fits the check valve or if I will have to just force it onto my TTA like it was.
I decided to try to connect it same way as before. I was able to get a new piece of tubing over the line going to the engine, and will connect the other parts soon. I did find that the fuel pump in the tank is still working, so this car now has two pumps. I don't know anything about very high horsepower cars; is adding a second pump a normal thing to do when you need more flow, higher fuel pressure, etc? I assume Lee Howie did this when he worked on the car, and that he knew what he was doing.
An inline pump to help keep fuel pressure up. I had that on a TTA back in the day but abandoned that in favor of a single good quality fuel pump.
I would not trust the in tank pump if there was two on the car, some owners add a second pump to avoid replacing the intank pump when it gets weak.
That looks like a old Kenne Bell boost a pump, they could have been trying to raise base FP or as Jarred said the in tank pump was getting weak, most of those were wired to a on- off switch, i just took one off my TType, dropped the tank and found a POS pump and hanger, replaced with a DW 300 and racetronix g7 hanger...


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Been out the game awhile they make a single in tank pump that supports over 600 rwhp now an is quiet ? When I built 1397 and my gn at same time red had moded twin walbro pumps in tank so that’s what I went with .. had a car with outside blue holly pump was loud
I bought a billet hanger with a DW 400 for the GN a yr or two ago and he told me then he was making same set-up for a TTA, and yes its quiet, if i remember right it will support 800+hp but its pricey, pump, hanger, -8 + -6 teflon lines was around $1500


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Ty I run reds dual on my tta an gn fit perfect he scratched #’s off anyone know the actual
Flow ...have stock lines not to 800 rwhp yet .. 84# Inj on both an dual alky control nozzles with methanol .. non lock up fully billet 200 trans built buy jannis still getting 23 mp with 28’s out back an skinny up front 3.5 .. u wouldn’t belive how much better the ttas ride with 28 rears an abt the same height on front.. it’s night an day .. I’d say like a caddy .. but Lexus rides a lot smoother


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Just to let you know, I re-installed the pump and drove the car, it works fine and I saw no leaks, so I think I'm good to go. Interesting posts - you guys know a lot more about these cars than I do, and I have two of them.
thanks for all your inputs.
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