First race of 2011


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I am so done with winter it was great to get out and make some laps with the new car. I know some of you guys have LS1 birds too so wanted to share the end to my winter break from racing and maybe hear from others finally getting out in 2011

Anyway, got 5 passes in today with a somewhat conservative tune. AFR around 12.5 and 6400rpm shifts launching at 1000 rpm.

11.698 @ 114.23 w/1.563 60ft
11.805 @ 114.62 w/1.660 60ft
11.731 @ 115.00 w/1.610 60ft
11.693 @ 114.97 w/1.577 60ft
11.680 @ 115.14 w/1.581 60ft

Track wasnt great, spun on the 2nd and 3rd pass, and neither was the weather but I was just excited to be back out on the track :)

I'm so jealous...

Looks like your offseason mods performed well! Mid 11's consistantly is awesome!

Is 6400 about max for your cam/valvetrain or could it be spun to 7000 but you're doing it early for longevity?



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6400 isn't max just where I wanted to start at for the first time out. GMHTP tested this cam in the current issue and it made peak hp at 6300 and made good power up to 6900 with the LS6 intake, a little more with a FAST. But like you said for longevity I want to keep it as low as I can without giving up performance so I will test with higher shift points down the road but will most likely keep it to no more than 6500 for bracket racing.

Mike Arrigo

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very nice and consistent times, but where can you race this time of the year if you are in NY? At least that's where it shows you are from. I am jealous as well.


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Thanks, yeah I was happy with how consistent the three runs without wheel spin were, might just win a few races with this car :)

As for where to race, around here the tracks start to open up this time of year. Atco's opening day was Feb 25th and my home track Englishtown had its opening day on the 27th. Etown usually runs from the last week of Feb to the first week of Dec weather permitting.


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Jim hopefully the weather continues to improve and I plan on heading out next Sunday March 20th. I dont have another Sunday race till May 22nd.

Yeah I run M/T 255/50R16 radials and I gotta admit they have been great, last year I put 212 passes on my '98 and it only spun twice. I dont launch very hard, mostly focus on being consistant. I think the reason it spun two out of five passes was likely poor track prep being opening day after a pretty rough winter.

We'll see how it goes this weekend I have two bracket races, one at englishtown on Sat and one at atco on Sun. I'm bringing tools to adjust the rear suspension if it continues to have traction issues since this is a new car to me.


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see my ls1 car didnt make enough torque for the mt radials . I could dump the clutch @ whatever an it would dead hook an bog where the BFG's would turn over about 1/2 a tire then hook so it helped my slow car get off the line buy doing that .... your car is runing pretty strong


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Yeah I can see your issue being a stick car, I've been told stick cars like a little slip to get moving better but I've never raced with one. I improved a bit this weekend with an 11.65 at 115.15 but with a 1.58 60ft so I know there's more in it. I gotta play with the suspension a bit cause I was dead hooking on Sat at etown but slightly spinning on Sun at atco so I think I'm gonna move the control arms up a notch and give it a try this Sat and see how that goes. Looking to improve the consistency of my 60fts.

Still I managed to go 4 rounds to the semifinals and some money on Sat but an -.023 redlight ended my day on Sun in the 2nd round :mad:


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yes sounds like you know your car .... I usually just grudge race for about 100-200 nothing crazy makes it fun.

I had issues with the slave cylinder since like 10k miles with my 6 speed ..... when I make a pass the clutch pedal will stick to the floor. Best I got was a pathetic 13.21 granny shifting
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I hear alot of people have trouble racing the stock clutch master/slave cylinders, dont know much about manuals but keep hearing people talk about needing to swap to aftermarket units to fix the problem.

Just an update on racing, adjusting the rear arms up one hole seemed to work. After making 3 passes testing out launching at 2500 rpm and getting a best of 11.591 at 115.32 with a 1.532 60ft I got back to bracket racing and launching at my normal 900 rpm and went 4 rounds with 60fts of 1.573, 1.569, 1.562, and 1.571. I'm much happier with a spread of .011 between 4 passes. With the arms in the third hole my 60fts varied by .032 sometimes run to run so I think I'm ready for the points season which starts next Sat :)

Also today I nailed a .001 light in the 2nd round and went dead on an 11.62 dial running an 11.628 in the 4th round, unfortunately I also went -.003 red that round :mad:


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Sorry about the red-light....But it sounds like you've got that car dialed in pretty well.
I'm taking the 'Vette to Captree tomorrow morning if you are out this way.


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Yeah I really couldnt be happier with this combo and I think its gonna win some races for me this year.

I want to get out to Captree in the worst way but tomorrow I have to finish up a tranny install in a Mustang and try to get the new motor fired up. Racing season is here and the customer wants to hit the track so I gotta get it done. Then I have an LS1 Camaro with a blown motor that I gotta install and tune a TFS heads and cam motor during the week to be ready for the first points race on Sat.

But if nothing goes wrong I want to try and get out next Sunday, hopefully the weather continues to be nice.
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