Do You Have Both? Tta & Gn


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image.jpeg Most of us with a TTA started as GN fans.
Coltsfan just picked up a super clean GN. How many of us currently own both.
Post a pic of them together

Wow it took forever to find s pic on my phone that didn't post upside down.
One of these days... for now.
The 34K mile garage queen waiting to become someone s barn find.

Syclone back from painter...

This Turbo T was more of an impulse buy. Has nice upgrades. Turned out to be a WE4.
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I will get better pics later but this is all I can do for now.......... had her a month and just now getting to a detail. 86 1 owner with 27k miles, motor all stock even the plugs and wires.....hardtop of course.

Mark T-TB

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Took these shots today...not the best, but you can get the idea.

Before our daughter moved last weekend, her Cruze was in that 1st bay, giving an "all Turbo" garage (The other stuff is all in the barn)
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