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My primary question is what color is the interior of our cars? Saddle? I need to order a pair of T-top sunshades.

Secondly, has someone taken the build sheet in the console glove box and decoded and posted the option codes for a TTA?

Thanks, Bob

Jan Larsson

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Our color is called beechwood (by GM at the time) and used (camaro and firebird) 88-91 only.

However some vendors might call the color differently so best way would be to ask for a color sample before ordering anything just to be on the safe side.

I got a list of the RPO codes (some will change if you have a hardtop vs t-top and cloth vs leather ... CA emissions and with or without front license plate bracket; also GM dropped the cassette holder for instance early 89 so some wont have that code).

Here you go: My 1989 Turbo Trans Am Indy 500 Pace Car #1078, Background Info

Should really clean that one up and post a PDF on here (one of these days).


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Instead of a general posting, I considered PM'ing Jandirectly at first. But as I suspected, lots of other TTA owners have an interest in this topic. Thanks Jan. The vendor does indeed include Beechwood as a choice.

Perhaps TT/Ameasap can make a deal with me though which is now an offline discussion.

I also have an '86 T/A that needs an interior. It's grey. Light grey? Dark grey? Don't know yet. So I'll be using WS6's link to help me find the right color and style of material for that car. TNX WS6.
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